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7 Ways To Save Money On Children's Clothes

• Let people know what you children need and their sizes. I have really found that by letting grandparents, aunts, uncles ect know what the children really need and their sizes they are grateful to give a gift that is appreciated and we save money on not having to buy some clothes.

• Accept hand me downs and keep any hand me downs from older siblings organized. Any and all hand me downs are always helpful. Use what you can and you can always donate what you don’t like or can’t use. Organizing the hand me downs is essential though if you cant find it or you don’t know you have it you cant use it. I like to put the clothes in totes and label them by size/ gender and each season I look through and see what we can use.

• Shop garage / rummage sales you can find great deals on children clothes. I especially love rummage sales put on by moms groups and twin’s clubs .You can buy ahead so that you have that winter coat or boots when you need it and you don’t have to go out and pay retail price for them.

• Consignment stores are a fantastic place to get nearly new clothes for you children. The prices can run a bit high though but they usually have a lot of brand names and a good selection.

• Ebay is another good place to buy clothing for you kids. Make sure to check the seller ratings and read the description of what you are buying to make sure you are getting a good deal.

• Another way to save is to bring in you slightly used kid’s clothes to that consignment store and you can earn some money back on what you paid for them. The stores either give you money outright after your item sells or you get a store credit( usually about 40% of their selling price). Either way you can use that money to help fund your children’s clothes purchases.

• Clearance racks are another great source to save money. Stock up on next years clothes and get anywhere from 50% to 80% off .


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