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Frugal Friday The Library

I can't say enough about using the library to save money. I keep a list of books, movies etc that I want to read or watch. I go online to our library's website and search for the books/ movies.When I find what I want I put a hold on it with my library card. The great thing is my library is part of a county wide library system so I have access to a huge amount of books/ movies. I get the hold placed then wait for an email to let me know they are ready for pick up at my local library. So easy I just go to the check in area they scan my card and they grab my stack of books and there I go off to enjoy them. Oh the books usually are ready by the next day too!

This works great for my children's books to I go through the scholastic catalogs they receive in school and pick out what they want and do the same for them.


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To My Daughter on Her Square One Graduation

Our church has a wonderful student learning program called Square One. It is an intensive Bible Study for 6th through 8th grades where they dig deep into the Bible, memorize verses and the books of the Bible. My daughter recently graduated from the program and at the graduation celebration the parents were to bring a letter they wrote to share with their child. Here is mine:

I am so proud of you and how you are growing into such a wonderful God loving person. You have grown so much developing skills that will help you for a lifetime. I love how you are filled with the Lord's love and show it to all around you. You have grown so much this year in Square One not only in your knowledge of the Bible but in getting closer to God. It has been so wonderful all the scripture you have memorized. Those scriptures will always be there to help guide you throughout your life.

My prayer for you is that the Lord blesses you with his wisdom and helps guide you in your life. That you grow closer to …

Works For Me Wednesday How to Save Money on Books

I love to read books but our budget doesn't allow me to spend much money on that hobby so I have devised a way to read great books at no cost.

When I see a book that I find interesting on someone's blog or Facebook post that directs me to Amazon I put that book into my wishlist on Amazon. Then when I have time or the need for a new book to read. I go to my library system's online search catalog and refer back to my Amazon wishlist and see if any of the titles are available.

I can put them on hold and I get an email from my library when they are available. This little trick has saved me so much money over the years. I have been able to read some wonderful books that otherwise I could not afford.