Frugal Friday The Library

I can't say enough about using the library to save money. I keep a list of books, movies etc that I want to read or watch. I go online to our library's website and search for the books/ movies.When I find what I want I put a hold on it with my library card. The great thing is my library is part of a county wide library system so I have access to a huge amount of books/ movies. I get the hold placed then wait for an email to let me know they are ready for pick up at my local library. So easy I just go to the check in area they scan my card and they grab my stack of books and there I go off to enjoy them. Oh the books usually are ready by the next day too!

This works great for my children's books to I go through the scholastic catalogs they receive in school and pick out what they want and do the same for them.


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