Frugal Friday Menu Planning to Save Money

Before I got serious about saving money on our food budget I went to the store way too often in the week (3-4 times), I did not make a list and did not have any coupon system in place. We ate basically whatever I thought up that day or the day before. Well with the price of food going up as well as everything else I needed to change. I found that with menu planning I can save a lot of money. Ways menu planning helps…

• We can use up what we have in the house to maximize our leftovers

• I can use what is on sale for the week to plan my meals

• I can make a list based off my menu and gather the most coupons to increase my savings

• I go to the store once (well twice since my family drinks a lot of milk) It saves time and I save a ton of money not running to the store every couple of days (those impulse purchases do add up)


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