Menu Plan Monday

Well here is our menu plan for the week. Not very exciting with leftovers on two of the nights but we are very tight with money this week and need to eat what we have in the house so....

Breakfasts:       Cereal  waffles, pop tarts, multi grain bars ect

Lunches:           Mac and cheese, turkey sandwiches, grilled cheese , with fruit and vegetables


Monday:          Turkey Potpie (this is the chicken version but since we have leftover turkey in the freezer that is what we are having)

Tuesday:         Chili (here is the recipe)

Wednesday:    Leftover chili

Thursday:       Meatloaf with broccoli and mac and cheese

Friday:            Leftover meatloaf with green beans and tomato soup and noodles

Saturday:        Birthday party at relatives house ( we are bringing soda, milk, garlic bread and desert)

Sunday:           Pancakes, scrambled eggs, and sausages with apple slices


  1. nothing wrong with left overs! have a great week.


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