Works For Me Wednesday Stocking Up Sick Supplies

Well the influenza has hit our home this week. First my oldest son and now my youngest. So far no one else but chances are the other two will be coming down with it soon. So am I glad that I had done some stocking up on supplies that we need when they get sick. I have the Advil and Tylenol that we need (we need different types since some use the children's and some adult dosages). We also have honey on hand. I love using that for their coughs it really helps and hey, they are excited about taking it since its honey. I also had stocked up at Walgreen's before when Kleenex was on sale so we have plenty on hand. Also I have Gatorade, juices, and water bottles to hydrate them up.

Thank goodness I have everything because I definitely don't want to take them out to get anything and by the time my husband comes home from work I am in no mood to go shopping. Also is saves us money since I bought ahead with sales and coupons instead of running out and emergency buying at full cost.


  1. I think I finally have this down. One year I went way overboard with coupons and sales and had to throw a lot away because it expired. It saves soooo much money to have this stuff on hand.


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