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One Thing to Make Mornings Less Stressful

I am not a morning person. The more I can do the night before to get ready the better. I function better on autopilot in the mornings.  With four kids to get ready for school that can be hard .
What works for me is on Sunday night I get their snacks for school ready. Since I find it too expensive to buy individual size packs of snacks I like to use the small snack size Ziploc bags. I get out whatever we have (pretzels, crackers, raisins, goldfish crackers, or???) and I divide it up in Ziploc bags to last the week.  Then each night when I am going through the backpacks checking homework, signing assignment notebooks and such I just put a bag in and we are ready to go.


  1. ooooo I love this idea! Do you keep it all in a little bin or something? I'm thinking a bin of ready to go snacks in the pantry and one for cold items (gogurt,cheese sticks) in the fridge. Some mornings my hubby does the lunches so that would be so helpful to him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes I have a container I keep them in that is in the pantry.It is actually an empty large hot cocoa box. I do like your idea for the cold items, I will have to try that. Thanks.


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