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Menu Plan Monday

I am trying to stretch what we have in the house and clean out the pantry so far this week looks good but next week I will have to challenge myself to stay on budget.

Breakfast         Cereal, waffles, yogurt, toast, milk, orange juice

Lunches            Grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, left overs, salad, carrots, fruit

Homemade Pizza , cole slaw and carrot sticks
Loaded Chicken , rice, dinner rolls and green beans (the Loaded Chicken is my new favorite recipe!)
Left overs from Tuesday
Pancakes, eggs, sausage, and orange slices
Sausage with onions, tomato soup and noodles
French Toast and bacon with orange slices
Brown Bag Burritos with lettuce, cheese and salsa

Works For Me Wednesday Starting My Day

I am not a morning person, not at all but with four kids I had to adapt. Well, to help my mornings go smoother I try to implement a few things.

I usually try to do a quick five minute pick up at night to at least wake up to a somewhat clean homeAt night I set out my younger kids clothing for the day We have a rule on school days that you need to be dressed for the day to come eat breakfastMost importantly I try to get myself up and ready first ( this is huge because it sets my mood for the day) I try to shower, dress and eat breakfast ,have my coffee  and make my bed so that I can be able to focus on my children getting ready.

Menu Plan Monday

Breakfasts: cereal, waffles, french toast sticks, fruit , yogurt
Lunches: sandwiches, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, fruit, vegs

~ Monday ~

 Leftover Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans

~ Tuesday ~
Pancakes, Bacon, Eggs, Oranges

~ Wednesday ~
Hot Dogs, Mac Cheese, Carrot Sticks
~ Thursday ~
Loaded Chicken Breast, Rice, Broccoli

~ Friday ~
Left Overs from Thursday

~ Saturday ~
Homemade Pizza and carrot sticks

~ Sunday ~
Turkey Casserole with Corn

Frugal Friday Easy Bake Oven Mix

My daughter got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas and she loves it. But the cake mixes that Easy Bake Oven sells for the oven are ridiculously priced and really don't taste very good. So I searched and found out that you can just use regular cake mix. I usually can buy a cake mix for $1.00 or under so it is much cheaper. This is how easy it is: Use 3 Tablespoons cake mix and mix it with either 1 Tablespoon milk or water mix until smooth then pour into a greased Easy Bake Oven pan and  bake for 15 minutes in a preheated Easy Bake oven. These are so much yummier than those mixes , so much cheaper and just as easy!

Works for Me Wednesdays Limiting Activities

What works in our family is limiting activities. With four children we cannot have them all doing multiple activities and still have quality family time together and for me to stay sane. So to save my sanity and give us family time together we limit their activities.

Our oldest just does Boy Scouts, our 12 year old boy is also in Boy Scouts and does basketball as an after school sport once a week in the winter. Our youngest boy loves sports so we have to really limit him but he is in Cub Scouts (though we don't get crazy about attending all the meetings) he also seasonally does one sport at a time. Our daughter who is only six does ballet once a week and is a Daisy Scout (they only meet twice a month).

So that is how our kids actives schedule works for us we try to be realistic that we cannot do it all and sometimes it is okay to miss a night. I feel that the most important thing is for them to spend time as a family together and not be stressed about fitting in their homework, …

Saving on Health and Beauty Items

I never really got how people played the drugstore game. I just couldn't see how buying that toothpaste or deodorant now (especially if money was tight that week) would save me money later. But after reading many blogs and websites that where people were actually getting great deals and had more money  than living paycheck to paycheck. I tried it. And I will say it works great.

I have about 6 tubes of toothpaste that I have actually made money on by using coupons at Walgreen's when the toothpaste was a register reward deal.  I know toothpaste doesn't sound like a huge deal but if I get all my toothpaste for my family of six free this year. I will save $36 dollars though that doesn't sound huge if I can do that to just ten items that we use regularly I will have $360 dollars more in a year than before.It is a start anyways.

An example of a deal at Walgreen's list week. Colgate  toothpaste priced $2.99 has a register reward of $3.00 and I used a coupon I received in …