Saving on Health and Beauty Items

I never really got how people played the drugstore game. I just couldn't see how buying that toothpaste or deodorant now (especially if money was tight that week) would save me money later. But after reading many blogs and websites that where people were actually getting great deals and had more money  than living paycheck to paycheck. I tried it. And I will say it works great.

I have about 6 tubes of toothpaste that I have actually made money on by using coupons at Walgreen's when the toothpaste was a register reward deal.  I know toothpaste doesn't sound like a huge deal but if I get all my toothpaste for my family of six free this year. I will save $36 dollars though that doesn't sound huge if I can do that to just ten items that we use regularly I will have $360 dollars more in a year than before.It is a start anyways.

An example of a deal at Walgreen's list week. Colgate  toothpaste priced $2.99 has a register reward of $3.00 and I used a coupon I received in my Sunday paper of 75 cents. So I paid with tax $2.39 but I received a register reward for $3.00 that I can use with in the next two weeks on a deal again at Walgreen's. Or in a pinch I use the rewards for milk( which if only I could get my family to stop guzzling - we go though a gallon a day!) So I actually got my toothpaste free and made 61 cents by buying it now, how cool is that?


  1. I stumbled across your blog and am enjoying perusing it. I totally encourage you in this whole stockpiling thing. I know people can take it to extreme's but seriously, it has saved us SO much money!

    Do you have a Rite Aid close by? I have found them to have better deals and be more workable than Walgreens. But I live in Lancaster Pa and we have a terrible Walgreens (in my opinion) so perhaps you have a better experience. :)


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