Works For Me Wednesday Starting My Day

I am not a morning person, not at all but with four kids I had to adapt. Well, to help my mornings go smoother I try to implement a few things.

  • I usually try to do a quick five minute pick up at night to at least wake up to a somewhat clean home
  • At night I set out my younger kids clothing for the day
  • We have a rule on school days that you need to be dressed for the day to come eat breakfast
  • Most importantly I try to get myself up and ready first ( this is huge because it sets my mood for the day) I try to shower, dress and eat breakfast ,have my coffee  and make my bed so that I can be able to focus on my children getting ready.


  1. We do all of these, too! I have to get showered and have a cup of coffee before the kids get up or I'm just cranky. :)

  2. We do many of these as well. Unfortunately, I still have not managed to pick the kids clothes the night before and that is something I really need to work on. Seems like you have the routine down!

  3. This used to be me. Unfortunately I've fallen into a "wake when the kids" wake phase. Not the best. With our older kids I kept all their clothes in the closet with pants/shorts hung on the hanger beneath the shirt. This way they could pick their own clothes, but would always match. It helped me a lot in my more organized stage of life :-)


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