Works for Me Wednesdays Limiting Activities

What works in our family is limiting activities. With four children we cannot have them all doing multiple activities and still have quality family time together and for me to stay sane. So to save my sanity and give us family time together we limit their activities.

Our oldest just does Boy Scouts, our 12 year old boy is also in Boy Scouts and does basketball as an after school sport once a week in the winter. Our youngest boy loves sports so we have to really limit him but he is in Cub Scouts (though we don't get crazy about attending all the meetings) he also seasonally does one sport at a time. Our daughter who is only six does ballet once a week and is a Daisy Scout (they only meet twice a month).

So that is how our kids actives schedule works for us we try to be realistic that we cannot do it all and sometimes it is okay to miss a night. I feel that the most important thing is for them to spend time as a family together and not be stressed about fitting in their homework, dinner, and sleep.


  1. I'm an underscheduler too! I want my kids to try lots of different things, but they have to choose one paid & weekly activity at a time. I like that you just attend when you can--when I sign them up I figure cost per session, so it stresses me out to miss classes as the price effectively goes up. Good reminder that it's not that big a deal to miss; thanks.

  2. Scouts are a great choice because they do so many different things, it's really several activities in one! Low cost, too.


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