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Menu Plan Monday

Well I have not done an official menu plan  for awhile and now with the kids out of school for the summer I need to get my act together and start planning again so here goes:

Breakfasts will be cereal, waffles, toast, fruit, yogurt or ???

Lunches will be grilled cheese, mac and cheese, left overs, sandwiches, carrot sticks, and fruit


Monday--- Homemade pizza and carrot sticks

Tuesday---Chicken Enchiladas in the slow cooker, rice, corn

Wednesday-Left over Chicken Enchiladas

Thursday---Pancakes, eggs, and sausage with fruit

Friday------Sausage with onions, red noodles with cheese and salad

Saturday---Spaghetti and meatballs, homemade garlic bread and green salad

Sunday----Fathers Day! Sausage and hot dogs on the grill, corn on the cob or coleslaw (I will post this super easy recipe later this week) potato chips

Check out more menu plans at

Trying to feed my boys this summer without breaking the budget

Summer vacation is almost here. I am excited to have all my kids home but. ... I am not looking forward to our food bill. I have to come up with a plan to feed these very hungry children especially my older two this summer. They are bottomless pits eating everything in sight. So far my ideas for snacks consist of:

popcornpretzelsfresh vegetables when our garden gets growing themcereal without milk for snackshomemade bread with cinnamon and sugaryogurtcheese stickswatermelonAnyone with ideas please share I would love suggestions on how you feed your hungry growing kids in the summer