Trying to feed my boys this summer without breaking the budget

Summer vacation is almost here. I am excited to have all my kids home but. ... I am not looking forward to our food bill. I have to come up with a plan to feed these very hungry children especially my older two this summer. They are bottomless pits eating everything in sight. So far my ideas for snacks consist of:

  • popcorn
  • pretzels
  • fresh vegetables when our garden gets growing them
  • cereal without milk for snacks
  • homemade bread with cinnamon and sugar
  • yogurt
  • cheese sticks
  • watermelon
Anyone with ideas please share I would love suggestions on how you feed your hungry growing kids in the summer


  1. Wow - I think I might have to start reading your blog! I am always looking for ways to save money on our grocery bill, and it's not easy. I have just cooked up some food for a family that live across the road, and I made some pizza scrolls for them. It was pretty inexpensive, and they're very filling. I made some bread dough, and spread some leftover salsa and tomato paste over it, rolled them up and baked them in the oven with some diced bacon (or ham would work too) and cheese. They were delicious! Hope your kids haven't eaten you out of house and home :-)


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