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Five Ways to Save Money on Your Children's Clothes

Over the years I have found some great ways to save money on clothes for my children. Here our my five most favorite ways:

Accept all offers of free clothes

If someone offers you their children's outgrown clothing accept it even if their style is not the same as yours. There could be basic pieces or pajamas that will be just fine to wear even if they are a bit worn out.

Go to rummage sales and children's clothes sales 

Rummage sales have great prices for children s clothes. You might have to drive around to get to a good one but look for upscale neighborhood holding multiple family rummages to get the most out of your time and gas money. I also love children s clothes sales that are held in churches by a group of moms prices can be a bit higher than normal rummages but no driving around and usually everything is sorted out and organized to make it a faster shopping experience

Shop at consignment stores either online or bricks and mortar

Great clothes can be found either online at consignment shops and at bricks and mortar stores  Prices vary but deals can be found especially on name brand clothing

Online stores that sell used clothes 

Ebay can be a great source of children s clothes try to buy in a set or outfit to get the most out of you shipping price. Also Thred Up is a fantastic store that offers nice gently used clothing at fair prices

Shop Clearance racks 

Shop the clearance racks at stores especially buying for the next year sizes. Make sure even if it is a good deal that it will fit them and that it will stay in style (sometimes clothes on the clearance rack are there because no none wanted them since they were not an appealing style)

***Lastly not a place to shop but a great tip I like to pass along is to buy name brand clothing for you children at the above places. When you children are done with the name brand clothes you can turn around and resell them on Ebay or a consignment shop to help you offset the cost of their clothing. I usually use the money I earn by doing that to buy the next seasons clothing for them most of the time I can come out that I have to pay very little extra for the next season after I sell their grown out clothing from the previous one.


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